About Noah & Jordan

Award-winning comedy duo, Noah and Jordan are writers, producers and actors.

They have created successful online series' 'Vlog' and 'Daydreamers', the latter used the highly recognisable voice of the X-Factor, Peter Dickson to narrate the show. 'Daydreamers' was short listed as the Dailymotion Pilot Finalist in 2014 and 'Vlog' was shortlisted for the same category in 2015.

Their talent and natural flair for comedy quickly grabbed the attention of the industry and their first pilot, which included high profile names such as Hugh Bonneville and Lynda Baron, was picked up by Kindle Entertainment and led to the creation of their first online series 'Wannabes'- a five part comedy about actors at drama school. Wannabes set the online comedy world alight and scored the duo several awards including 'Best Comedy' at Miami WebFest and 'Most Promising UK Series' at UK WebFest in 2015.

Noah and Jordan's effortless rapport and infectious dynamism is what keeps fans and interest coming back. Their combined passion for comedy and talent for writing make them a force to be reckoned with.

Noah and Jordan have an exciting 2016 ahead with two new shows in development as well as performing live at the Camden Fringe-dates and venue to be announced!




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